International Trade Finance Team

Mr. Sanjeev Chadha

Sanjeev Chadha, the Chairman of Yield 4 Finance Private Limited holds numerous certificates as an auditor. He is an entrepreneur by profession and currently sits and looks after the headquarters office located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He believes that successful entrepreneurs don't usually have one specific industry background that has made them experts in their field. Instead, their knowledge and experience comes from the extensively diverse array of industries they have found or steered themselves on to. The continuous learning and mastering of the different trades have sharpened their instincts and honed their skills in navigating the waters of the business world.

With thirteen years of refined management, operations and administrative skills in his holster, he set off to open his own company, ICL Certification Limited and kick started opening his companies that delved in different industries. Under the ICL Group cluster, Colleges were established, along with a Software company, a Finance company, and the already existing Certifications firm.

Soon after, the issuance and facilitation of financial instruments was established. It first came as a chance of inquiry from a person needing of a Letter of Credit until the business became an international success. From issuing one to two financial instruments a month, the company has now been issuing 50-60 financial instruments across the board on a daily basis. The number keeps growing as the company's presence spreads all over the world by means of active advertisements, signing up new associates and opening up new branches.

Mr. Vipul Chadha
Managing Director

After graduation, Vipul Chadha has been around sports in earlier years.

He played cricket on an international level for four years since the age of 13. Being a son of a successful businessman, passion developed eventually for business after his father's interests. At the age of 17, he finally took premature retirement from his sports and turned to business to join his father, the Chairman.

Since 2008 he has been working full time with the Chairman. They started out from providing loans marketing and advertisement in Malaysia, until one person came across inquiring about requirement of Letters of Credit then follows another person saying that he provides Letters of Credit. The idea of Letters of Credits and other Financial Instruments for trade transactions piqued their interests even more and decided to go with itfrom then on until the time being. The business is a continuous story of success as its growth and expansion is imminent globally. At present, he sits in the corporate office in India as the Managing Director.

Mr. Mohit Chadha
Director and Chief Operating Officer

After graduating from the University of Greenwich, Londonin the field of International Business, Mohit Chadha has flourished in advertising. Withholding a position in a prominent advertising firm in India, his passion and interest towards art drove his aspirations in life and grew and grew even more in the earlier years. Until one day, his father, the Chairman, requested for him to get involved into the trade finance business as its growth is inevitable as time passes by. He knew that it's time to get an extra hand as work demands intensified ceaselessly until the present moment.

He launched his career as Director and joined his father in the business. He maintains full responsibility of managing the tasks and objectives to make sure they are met in the department. Soon afterward, his expanding expertise in trade finance services allowed him to broaden his horizons in the chosen industry. Growth continues to follow and has finally extended in London where he is currently sitting.

Mr. Alfred Jara Ibanez
Europe/North & South America

Graduate from University of Greenwich, London, where he accomplished International Business. As born and raised in London, he launchedhis career in a foremost five star hotel in London for 5 years after graduation. That eventually led to partnership with Yield 4 Finance soon afterward, practicing his finished degree in the field of business and expanding his expertise in trade finance. Currently he is sitting as Director in London office.

Mr. Sahil Bansal
Australia/ New Zealand

A Director currently based in New Zealand but operates both in New Zealand and Australia. Master in Engineering and Product Management from University of Auckland. He also handled Bansal Electronics in India as their Managing Director and a Business Manager of Argo's in Auckland New Zealand.

Aastha Sehgal
Director of Operations and
Corporate HR

A graduate of Bachelor of Commerce from Punjab University, she currently sits in our India office responsible of International Human Resource Operations. She heads the recruitment for appointing new workforce assets and ensures that all personnel upholds the values and visions of Y4F and keeps everyone in hire towards the firms 'mission. She also makes certain that Y4F remains in compliance

Mr. Himesh Raval
Executive Director

Mr. Raval earned his MBA from Heriot-Watt University. He got himself so engaged in their family business during earlier years. Their line of business is more focused on loan provisions. At present, he is the Executive Director based in Dubai, actively pursuing his interests and proficiency in trade finance.

Ms. Crishelle Mercado
Associate General Manager
Dubai/Philippines/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

She oversees daily operations of the business organization. With broad expertise and knowledge acquired while being exposed in the trade finance industry over some period of time, she makes sure that company strategy implementation designed to grow the business is being met. She evaluates and decides upon key investments in equipment, infrastructure and strategic planning.

Mr. MahbubulAlam
Country Coordinator and Development Partner

Having his Masters education in Finance, most of his career is spent in specializing Finance Consultancy and promotion of imports from developing countries. He helps in maintaining key relationships that are essential to keep the system run smoothly. He works closely with external partnership and client-experience improvement. He also collaborates with cross-functional teams across time zones structure, execute business initiatives and develop work plans.

Mr. Sumer Narwal
( India)
Accounts Manager

He is an MBA whose specialization is in Finance. As head, he prepares accurate, timely financial statements in accordance with our established India office accounting department.

Mr. Shamseer Abdul Salam
( Dubai)
Accounts Manager

Master in Commerce and CA under Institute of Chartered Accounts of India. As an Accountant by profession, he handles finance and account strategic reinforcement plans. He is currently sitting in our Dubai office.

Relationship Managers

Ms. Javela Macalalad
Senior Relationship Manager

Having been exposed with customer relations and management after graduation, she has been very keen with taking good care of clients on a daily basis.While giving extreme support they need, shefosters a positive Business Partner perception of provider capabilities. She perceives it as an essential element of building and sustaining trust relationships. With due consideration of external compliance and potential risk, she shapes strategic agendas for optimum business values.

Ms. Shweta Gupta
Relationship Manager

Major in Financial Management from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, she worked as a Regional Associate in ICICI Bank and later worked in Indusind Bank as one of its Executives. In 2016, she joined Y4F until the time being to involve herself in trade finance solutions while providing 24/7 client interaction and help them acquire smoother business transactions according to their needs.

Ms. Kristine Nelvie Sanchez
Relationship Manager
Dubai/ Oman

BSBA Graduate, Major in Financial Management, she became an Accounting Assistant in MACROASIA CORPORATIONS after graduation then later on handled operations in V ROQUE CORPORATION as one of its head in 2017. She joined Y4F as being one the valued core member of the team, she provides daily client interaction 24/7 while providing customized trade finance solutions to achieve customer satisfaction.

Ms. Krishna Raval
Relationship Manager Dubai/India

As an experienced Business Development Manager from one of the distinguished trading company in the UAE, she gained wide experience in the trade industry. While maintaining good client interaction skills, she makes sure they are satisfied and their needs are being met by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week answering to every inquiry.

Ms. Maria Lalaine Marbella
Relationship Manager Dubai/Kuwait/South Africa

Graduate of Bachelor Science in Financial Accounting, she then progressed in management in one of the outstanding international clothing line in the Philippines. With her passion to expand her horizons, she joined Y4F to practice her earned degree, specializing in providing customized trade finance solutions across the board to clients' trade finance needs.

Ms. Ivy Clarice Gawilan
Relationship Manager
Dubai/Hong Kong

Involved in operations and account management, she spent some years of progressive experience in various specializations. Her expertise focused on management, client satisfaction, and strategizing solutions for the benefit of generating desired results within a given time frame. She joined Y4F to develop her experience in handling complex transactions and provide trade finance solutions

Ms. Mary Ann Galang
Relationship Manager

Being around accounting department for quite some time after graduation, she fosters her career in Y4F by utilizing her refined skills in management, and extensive experience in providing customized solutions. She closely monitorsclients facing trade finance needs on a 24/7 basis, making sure every queries are attended to appropriately. She builds relationships with clients, based on trust and value.

Ms. Neetu Kapoor
Relationship Manager

Major in Commerce from Punjab University. She worked with Airtel Franchise then later on acquired her own business. She joined Y4F for growth and to utilize her honed skills from business franchising to providing trade finance solutions with responsibilities including partnerships and client interaction. She makes sure she is available 24/7 to attend to clients' inquiries.

Ms. Jodynne Medina
Relationship Manager

With extensive experience in providing satisfactory services, she maintains a common goal of facilitating excellent client interaction skills on a 24/7 basis all at the same time. In addition, she is efficient is helping her clients use the company's services more productively, while being able to deeply understand the technical business challenges that clients face.

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