Instrument Issuance Procedure

  1. Client completes application form.
  2. Y4F sends client :
    • Complete instrument draft
    • Invoice
    • Agreement to be signed by client
  3. Client reviews the draft with any relevant third parties (i.e. beneficiary)
  4. Client request changes by filling out Y4F amendment form.
  5. Client receives revised draft and repeats step 3
  6. Client provides Y4F with the following :
    • Signed and approved copy of the final draft for issuance
    • Certificate of incorporation of Client Company
    • List of shareholders of Client Company
    • Passport copy of main shareholder of Client Company
    • Y4F Agreement by signed by authorized signatory of Client Company
  7. Y4F receives required issuance fees
  8. Issuing institution issues per wording client approved.
  9. Client receives swift copy of the issued instrument.

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