Incorporation Services

Why Incorporate in the US?

Incorporating a non-US business in the US has certain benefits

Some of these benefits include:

Tax advantages Ease of selling in the US market (from a tax and customs perspective) Access to US investors, venture capital funding, and public markets Increased reputation to customers both in the US and globally Personal liability protection

What are Your Options?

There are many to choose from, so let us help. There are various questions you need to consider before you incorporate in the US. In the US, business incorporation occurs at the state level for all business owners, regardless of whether you are a citizen or a foreign national. Therefore, these are some of the questions we help you navigate:
Which state do I register in?
How do I secure a registered agent?
What business structure should I choose? Should I form a Limited Liability Corporation or a C Corporation?
Which documents are required?
How do I file these documents?
What happens next?

We guide you through the process and ensure that you're incorporated as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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